Monday, April 22, 2013

25 Days of Art: Reflections

I was gone on this day, leaving my invaluable co-worker Ms. E to run the show. There aren't quite as many pictures as usual, but it was still a fun and simple drawing exercise.

-drawing instruments


There are several ways to do this. My favorite is to fold a piece of paper in half and draw a picture. it can be half of a picture, like the ones below, or it can be a full blown production on half of the page. Then, unfold the piece of paper and carefully try to draw the exact same thing on the other half of the paper. It's an exercise in really looking and drawing what you see, not what you expect to see. It's not the most splashy or the most fun, but it's one of the simple art exercises that can really help make your work look better, especially if you're trying to draw realistically. 

Ms. E Art:

Kid Art:

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