Friday, March 29, 2013

Flannel Friday: Whose Hat is That?

I made this in about 15 minutes before story time on Thursday, I've had a bad procrastinating streak lately. When I get a chance I'll go back and make both a boy and a girl face so that there's a little more diversity in the dressing up- I realized after I had made it that there were 4 pretty stereotypical boy professions and 1 stereotypical girl profession (if you consider a witch a profession) and I'd like to switch it up a bit in the presentation.

Anyway we start with my friend Pete (aka Pete the Pirate from This Little Pirate) and I told the kids that Pete likes to dress up and pretend to be different people. He uses hats in his dress-up and we have to guess what Pete is going to be...

I run into fires to save the day, my bright red hat keeps me safe all the way!

Pete's a firefighter!

I ride a broom with a cat on the back, my hat is a triangle, pointy and black.

Pete's a witch!

I cook all day, I cook all night, my hat is big, puffy and white.

Pete's a chef!

And sometimes we know what Pete wants to dress up as, but we have to help him find the right hat.

I'm a king, I rule this town. I wear a special hat, it's called a....


Whether I'm catching a ball, or swinging a bat, on my head I've got a....


And that's our hat game.

Flannel Friday is being hosted this week by Mollie Kay at What Happens in Storytime and as always, you can find more information about Flannel Friday (which just celebrated its second birthday!) at the official website.


  1. That is a lot of fun. It could also be a good intro to a story time theme on firefighters, baseball, etc.

  2. I'm thinking this could also go along with Martin's Hats!? Anyway, it's an abundance of cuteness plus a game which always equals a lot of fun! Thanks for sharing