Thursday, December 6, 2012

Theme Thursday: Toys

Oh toys, we can never have enough, can we? Here's a story time dedicated to favorite playthings.

Song: Good Morning Dear Earth

Fingerplay: I Had a Little Turtle

Flannel: Alphabet Soup -TOYS

Book:The Marvelous Toy by Tom Paxton

Song: Open, Shut Them

Book: Where's My TRUCK? by Karen Beaumont

Song: Jumping and Counting from Jim Gill's Irrational Anthem and More Salutes to Nonsense by Jim Gill

Song: Baby 1,2,3 from Sing it! Say it! Stamp it! Sway it! Vol. 3 by Peter and Ellen Allard

Song: Clean Up Song

Flannel: A Hunting We Will Go (framed as putting toys in their proper place)


Song: Turn Around from Getting to Know Myself by Hap Palmer

Make and Take Craft: Paper Bag Puppets

-Paper bags
-pom poms
-glue sticks
-construction paper
-pipe cleaners
-bottle glue

Process: There's virtually zero prep, just have all the stuff out and ready to go after story time. Working with caregivers the kids can create faces for the paper bags. Stick your hand inside the bag and use your hand to manipulate the flap as a mouth.

Time: 5 minutes for prep, which was basically gathering all the materials into one place, and 30 minutes for the craft.

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