Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Movie Mondays

It all started because I really wanted to see How to Train Your Dragon and I finally learned how to set up the big screen and use the projector that's been languishing in back room for months. A quick bulletin board later Movie Mondays were born. Every Monday in the months of August and September we showed a movie based on a children's book and had an accompanying craft that somehow fit the theme of the movie.

It wasn't the most well attended series we've ever had, mostly it was a nice distraction for me and for the regular after school kids. We did get a few people to check out the books that the movies were based on though, and I count that as a win any day.

A few of my older regular kids are really into crafts, so if there are any extra I leave the craft box out all week.

For How to Train Your Dragon we made paper chain dragons.

For Beauty and the Beast we made Beastly masks. Although most of the kids that day went with beautiful masks instead.

Fox faces went with The Fantastic Mr. Fox

And flip books proved to be very unpopular for celebrating movies with Hugo. Seriously though, you try coming up with a craft that goes with this movie. Ugh.

And finally, yesterday, we made bright owls for the movie Hoot.

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