Thursday, February 16, 2012

Flannel Friday: Rainy Days

Winter has been super disappointing.

I don't know about wherever y'all live, but here it has snowed exactly once this winter and it was gone by the next morning. Almost all my story time regulars have never actually seen snow and the ones who have are too young to remember it from last year. Stories about snowmen and snowball fights, about winter being the warmest season, they all go straight over their heads. Winter has not lived up to my story time expectations and I am very, VERY, disappointed in it.

What is has been doing is raining. A lot.

Here are the 5 Little Raindrops. I wanted them all to have different expressions and different color boots to increase the number of things we can talk about every time they go up on the board. What I ended up with are two not-so-happy raindrops, three overly excited ones and some poor photography that doesn't do the vibrancy of the colors any justice.

And these are the two poems I've been using with my raindrop buddies. Other suggestions are super welcome. We've been getting a lot of use out of these guys so far.

Counting Up:
One little raindrop in the dark, dark sky
Two little raindrops watch the clouds roll by
Three little raindrops go splat, splat, SPLAT
Four little raindrops, we'll need boots for that!
Five little raindrops and still no sun?
That's too much for us, we'd better... RUN!

Counting Down:
Five little raindrops above the forest floor,
One fell away and then there were four.
Four little raindrops hanging from a tree,
One dripped down and then there were three.
Three little raindrops without a thing to do,
One went SPLAT and then there were two.
Two little raindrops waiting on the sun ,
One hit the ground and then there was one.
One lonely raindrop was just about done,
He fell down and then there were none.


  1. Ha! Ha! Your raindrops are the BEST! Their little faces are so expressive and the boots are too cute! Love them!

    I have this saved for a Springtime theme. Can't wait to share them with my storytime friends. :-)

    Btw, how did you make their eyes? All felt? Or felt and paint?

    1. Thanks! Everything you see on the raindrops is felt. Just small white circles and then smaller black circles for the pupils. Tacky glue works best, especially for such small pieces.

  2. Look at those expressions! We're going to be doing a terrarium storytime that involves the water cycle this week - I may have to try and whip these guys up - thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks! Good luck with your terrarium story time. I'm always so impressed by how intricate and advanced your story times are. I'm still working on colors with my regulars

  3. These are adorable. I love the rain boots on the rain drops. I'm way up north, but we've only had about 6 inches of snow all winter too. Way to dry, so hoping for some moisture this spring.